The music school ‘Ivan Matetić- Ronjgov’ in Pula has been named after Ivan Matetić- Ronjgov (1880-1960) who was a famous Istrian musicologist and music transcriber. He collected Istrian folk music and was a very passionate traditional music collector.

He was the first to pinpoint the Istrian scale, two – part singing based on non-tempered tone relations. The Istrian scale was inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Our school comprises music primary school that lasts 6 years and secondary school that lasts 4 years. The only high school in the Istrian County that attracts students from all around the region.

It was founded in 1949. as an idea that music gets closer to younger people from poor families of workers.

Since then music school has attended and completed a large number of students who are now prominent musicians and teachers in the Istrian County, Croatian State and abroad.

The School offers instrumental tuition for the following musical instruments:

  • Woodwind & brass instruments (french horn, trumpet, flute, clarinet and saxophone)
  • String instruments (violin, cello, double bass)
  • Keyboard instruments (piano, organ, accordion)
  • Including music theory tuition, solo singing and percussion lessons.

There are six departments: the wind instrument department, the string instrument department, the piano/organ department, the accordion department, the music theory department and the singing department,

There are over 450 students attending school; after finishing music secondary school, students can take school-leaving exams and go to the Music Academy (Conservatory) or any other university.

Music and its early education provides many benefits: it reduces stress and can improve and stimulate parts of the brain related to emotional development.

The school year 2017/2018.was the most successful year in domestic and foreign stages and competitions.

The string department has reached highest achievements in the history of the school. We have two first violinist in the state; therefore, the school has a reason to invite one of the most established foremost violinist of his generation maestro Stefan Milenković.

As part of a humanitarian event of the Music School, Rotary Club and Medulinska rivijera, a violin will be gifted to the Music School.